Marek is interested in any kind of craftsmanship, handwork, and material. He considers himself neither an artist nor a designer and explores the boundary between design and aesthetic art through his personal knowledge and experience. As a result, his portfolio has a broad scope. Marek loves light, glass, and old useful trash (especially lamps and neons).

Our collaboration is about the Object, which can serve multiple uses, either for drinking, as a vase, or whatever you can think of. The Objects come in two sizes and three colors using Czech crystal, uranium & purple glass. The objects were handmade by skilled glassblowers Radek and Jiří in the Lasvit Ajeto hot shop in northern Bohemia. Each of them is different, unique, and original, but all together, they are like one.

The shape of the glass represents a five-pointed star logo of APEX. All of the glasses also contain an "ice" bottom which is Marek's signature from his previous work. All the objects are made from a thick and strong layer of glass with a specific structure.

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