APEX [ˈeɪ·pɛks]
*The top or highest part of something; a climax.

     APEX is a Czech fashion project focusing on the highest quality in every aspect of the creative process, from pattern-making to the very last thread.

     It was founded by two friends and former colleagues, Martin & Richard. Both have been working in the fashion industry for more than six years without finding the perfect garment. Their project is thus trying to fill a subjective void. It is inspired by current and past visuals. The ultimate goal is to produce the best quality & fitting apparel.

     Firstly, all patterns are developed in Prague to achieve a signature & unique construction. Then, the rest of the process moves to Portugal, where the final product is made by skilled seamstresses using high-level fabrics for the best wearing experience achievable. As a result, the product will survive the test of time and even look better with age.